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Living well with kidney disease

Treatment Options

Treatment options for patients whose kidneys no longer function enough for them to live without renal therapy intervention are dialysis and kidney transplantation. Dialysis and transplantation are treatments used to replace lost kidney function. A successful transplant can help return you to a state of good health. A transplant is a treatment, however, not a cure.

There are two kinds of dialysis—Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis. Dialysis does some of the things a normal kidney does, such as: removes extra water from the body and removes the waste products that have built up in the blood. Hemodialysis is usually done in a dialysis center, however there are some patients who use this therapy at home. Nurses and technicians do your dialysis treatment. Peritoneal Dialysis is always done as a home therapy. This treatment is for patients who want to be more independent. You do your peritoneal dialysis at home and/or at work. You will see your doctor and nurse monthly.

To learn more about each treatment option, click on Hemodialysis, then Peritoneal Dialysis, and then on Transplant.

Treatment Options for End Stage Renal Disease

Things to think about in considering your treatment option.
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